Full of Echizen crab Plan

Full of Echizen crab Plan

This plan is for someone want to get full from crabs. You can enjoy several crabs that is cocked with various preparation methods.(with rice, pickel, fruit)

・・・ Morning&Evening

・・・・ 15:30 ~ 17:30

・・・・ ~10:00

・・・・ Nov to Mar


¥30,000(per person)〜+tax


〜 Food List(as an example) 〜

Two Echizen crab(Zuwai & Seiko), Crab sashimi, Grilled crab, Crab hot-pot dish, Pickled crab, Rice, pickel, fruit

▲Start from 18:00

▲Prepare small set for primary school child and child.

▲Japanese set meal for breakfast.

▲Seiko crab is only Nov.6 to Dec.30 instead of one of two Zuwai


You can use the hot-spring for 24 hours.(need ¥150)

You can look around Echinzen Ocean from big window at the there and have a really relax time.

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