Sashimi boat plan (with Abalone &  Luxury beef)

Sashimi boat plan (with Abalone & Luxury beef)

Lavishly and high-grade beef called “Wakasa beef” that is grilled on a earthenware utensils added to “Sashimi boat plan (with Abalone)”. This is luxurious maximum plan.

・・・ Morning&Evening

・・・・ 15:30 ~ 17:30

・・・・ ~10:00

・・・・ Apr to Oct


¥18,000 ▶︎ ¥15,000(per person)〜+tax


〜 Food list 〜

Sashimi boat, Awabi(Abalone), Wakasa beef, small meals, fried dish, roasted dish, boiled dish, buckwheat noodles, Rice, pickel, fruit, soup

▲Prepare small set for primary school child and child.

▲The boat of picture is for two .

▲Japanese set meal for breakfast.


You can use the hot-spring for 24 hours.(need ¥150)

You can look around Echinzen Ocean from big window at the there and have a really relax time.

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