Echizen crab plan (with Sashimi Boat)

Echizen crab plan (with Sashimi Boat)

This plan is for a person wants to enjoy Echizen crab. We also add Sashimi boat and several meals and you can also enjoy our great flavors.

・・・ Morning&Evening

・・・・ 15:30 ~ 17:30

・・・・ ~10:00

・・・・ Nov to Mar




〜 Food List(as an example) 〜

Sashimi boat, small meals, tow Echizen crabs(Zuwai & Seiko), Crab sashimi, Grilled crab, Crab hot-pot dish, Fried flatfish, Rice, pickel, fruit

▲Prepare small set for primary school child and child.

▲The boat of picture is for two .

▲Japanese set meal for breakfast.

▲Seiko crab is only Nov.6 to Dec.30 instead of one of two Zuwai


You can use the hot-spring for 24 hours.(need ¥150)

You can look around Echinzen Ocean from big window at the there and have a really relax time.

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